Exhibition “Immobile Phones” to the media of Saint Priest 69800, from october 12 to 13, 2019

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Show of 22 “Immobile Phones” to the artothèque of Saint Priest october 12 to 13  2019 In our ultra-connected environment, Lionel Stocard’s “Immobile Phones” relook at the shape and use of the telephone. He invents a new means of communication. His interactive sculptures, both bizarre and whimsical, wink at us. Each of them tells its own story in a valuable and tasteful object of very fine art.   Pôle Médiathèque de Saint-Priest… Read More

Kinetic art


The “Dream Machines” exhibition focuses on kinetic art creations, where time, space and movement are honored. The public enters a hypnotic universe, lost in time to contemplate the revolutions of silent machines as a magical moment suspended in space.

Dream machines, kinect art – LYON – May 12 to 29, 2016


The exhibition “Dream Machines” from Lionel Stocard is about his kinetic art creations. Time, space and movement are honored. Dream machines, mobiles, installations. Opening at 6 pm, may 12, 2016 Visible by appointment from may 12 to 29, 2016 Where: La Menuiserie, 3 rue Carquillat, 69001 Lyon 06 84 32 24 18

Paintings “Passage au calme” St Priest castle, January 16 to February 3, 2016


St Priest castle, located next to Lyon, présent Lionel Stocard paintings, guest of honor, from January 16  to February 3, 2016. Opening Saturday, January 16 at 11 am in the presence of the artist. St Priest castle, 2 Rue de l’Égalité, 69800 Saint-Priest 04 78 21 25 58 |04 81 92 22 35 |    

Dream machine, Médiathèque Champagne au mont d’or march 21, 2015


Saturday, March 21 from 10:00 Lionel STOCARD with the dream machine are waiting for you to a completely new discovery. Sit in a chair dreams and dive in weightlessness, Let go by letting you carry by a strange instrument sounds. Sessions of 25 min. At 10h, 11h, 12h, 14h, 15h, Médiathèque « le 20 » 20 bd de la République Tél : 04 72 52 16 80 69410 Champagne au Mont d’Or France Tél. : +33… Read More

Sliding Words Concert

concert harponie

The “Harponie” instrument was made for a collaboration with the Sliding Words musicians to facilitate aTrip Hop concert that offers a very unique listening experience as it is done via headphones. Relaxing music with captivating soundscapes. Vidéo concert



The Dream Machine presented in Experimenta lounge invites us to reach a state of consciousness that opens into lucid dreams, where the dreamer is the explorer of their unconscious. Turning on itself, this installation gives the feeling of floating in space as a weightless astronaut weightless in the gap between equilibrium and controlled vertigo. In the manner of an architect, Lionel plays with the cantilevered door and generates all kinds of sensations… Read More

Writing pathways

DSC_6581 pour site

Books open up for us heavenly worlds with their stories. This installation takes the viewer into a story whose central character is a child’s toy train. This poetic train travels through a city of books some with mirrored facades and captures the poems that appear on the pages of this city transforming them into sounds. Viewers find themselves transported back to childhood to that state of wonder and those first strong emotions… Read More



Lionel’s mobiles are hypnotic machines either suspended in a vacuum, or placed on the ground, which evovle in the space of articulated arms. The viewer finds themselves dreaming in the face of these magic mechanisms and sequence of learned movements. One can spend hours watching these arms that tirelessly build and deconstruct virtual spheres, as one might look at the sea and its’ infinite waves, or fire and its’ dancing flames. Fascination… Read More

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