“With his dream machines, Lionel Stocard deconstructs time and space to carry us, weightless, into the depths of ourselves.” Nelly Sitbon, Chasseurs d’Influences.

Lionel calls on his alter ego to reach the state of consciousness that opens into lucid dreams, the dreamer who is explorer of his own unconscious. The audience is transported into a parallel world where consciousness and unconsciousness are intertwined to the point of becoming an intangible entity that has lost its bearings in reality. Turning on itself, the dream machine creates the feeling of floating in space as a weightless astronaut in the gap between equilibrium and a controlled vertigo that approximates dreaming. In the manner of an architect, Lionel plays with the cantileavered door and generates all kinds of sensations through swinging games. Balance is not focused in the lower back but below the knees to create an exaggerated limit of equilibrium giving the sensation of hovering. Unusual thoughts out of shifting imagination, Lionel facilities the mixture of poetry, mechanics for a common goal: to materialize dreams and make them tangible.


 vidéo report “Machines à rêver”




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