“There is in the painting of Lionel Stocard a subtil shift from the first impressions, leading slowly to the primative original scene. What is striking here is that these intangible figures we see in the beginning gradually disappear (absorbed in blue, decorated with ocher) to leave on the canvas a remarkable opening, whether a bath, a hallway , a vent, a crack, or a window. It is this opening that now holds a central presence. These are inevitable transitions born of contrast: holes (darkness) and light, water and fire, earth and air. It is a guided journey that follows the orders of these structures: well, steps, walls, ponds …
All this leads us to light. Light created by the alchemy of a blue, not of the sky, but of the land and its’ magmatic ocher. An architectural construction advent of a painting like volcanic eruptions relatively calmed. Can only the painter reconcile Venus and Vulcan? For this desolate presence with elements of strength, one turns inside oneself, taken by the inevitable links of a smooth, almost surgical touch, and tidy native dreams. Hence the premium slot, like an ocean cave, awaits a fire buried but ready for the sublimation of the body to come. ”
Marjorie Cagnasso



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