In our ultra-connected environment, Lionel Stocard’s “Immobile Phones” relook at the shape and use of the telephone. He invents a new means of communication. His interactive sculptures, both bizarre and whimsical, wink at us. Each of them tells its own story in a valuable and tasteful object of very fine art.
The WOMEN, a huge totem of red faux-fur, PIERRE ET MARIE CURIE, each 100 kg of carved maple, the BARBARIAN, elm and scrap metal plates that are struck with a hammer to make a call, the SEAT TELEPHONE, where you have to sit to get a dial tone, the JULES VERNE which becomes the helm of the Nautilus, the LAST CALL, which cuts off each finger and places it in a glass container when numbers are pressed, the PHOTO that is touched with the fingertips …
Keeping the bare functional role of a phone, Immobile make us think outside of the ordinary and create a special relationship. We find the magic of distance communication, the precious love and voluntary amazement.

Vidéo of the exhibition “Les Téléphones Importables” à St Priest, 2019





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