To promote a state similar to that of a lucid dream, Lionel Stocard transforms the relationship between the brain and the environment of sound by creating hybrid instruments that combine guitar, bass, hurdy gurdy, percussion and other inventions of his own design (feathers, water dripping…).
The range of sounds obtained is both extremely vast and varied, offering an unusual repertoire. Imagine Boris Vian with his pianocktail in l’Ecume des Jours, Lionel improvises a musical game that is constantly evolving. He perpetually reinvents the sound universe so as not to limit it to a specific register. He works physically manipulating the sounds as well as using both mechanical and electronic tools. Lionel is a composer of a trippy electro-acoustic music that is inspired by current New Age artists, a musical landscape that is psychedelic and meditative. Dematerialized and spatialized sounds are diffused through mobile speakers.



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