Sliding Words Concert, Villa Gillet, Lyon april 24, 2015


Concert with musicians Sliding Words (Trip hop), Friday, April 24, 2015. Lionel Stocard plays the Harponie created for the occasion.   Villa Gillet, parc de la cerisaie GMVL 25 rue Chazière 69004 LYON Entrée 10 euros, tarif réduit 7 euros. Réservations au 04 78 28 69 10

Dream machine, Médiathèque Champagne au mont d’or march 21, 2015


Saturday, March 21 from 10:00 Lionel STOCARD with the dream machine are waiting for you to a completely new discovery. Sit in a chair dreams and dive in weightlessness, Let go by letting you carry by a strange instrument sounds. Sessions of 25 min. At 10h, 11h, 12h, 14h, 15h, Médiathèque « le 20 » 20 bd de la République Tél : 04 72 52 16 80 69410 Champagne au Mont d’Or France Tél. : +33… Read More

Sliding Words Concert

concert harponie

The “Harponie” instrument was made for a collaboration with the Sliding Words musicians to facilitate aTrip Hop concert that offers a very unique listening experience as it is done via headphones. Relaxing music with captivating soundscapes. Vidéo concert

Sliding Words Concert


Concert with musicians Sliding Words (Trip hop), November 1 , 2  2014. Lionel Stocard plays the Harponie created for the occasion.

Accoustic Attic


True transgenerational memory, a powerful symbol of the attic room in the house. This work refers to the time and past families who have filed their fragments of memory in the attic. Lionel’s accoustic attic consists of a wooden machinery that echoes the frame of an attic. Through rhythmic movements that reflect a sequence of events and lives, Lionel breathes the sounds of passing time. The backbone of families, this installation embodies… Read More

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