“The book phenomena, Writing pathways” Batie d’Urfe, St Etienne le Molard, june to september 22.2019

At once realistic and extraordinary, a book is an invitation to dream.
This facility enables us to participate in a world where supernatural elements float. Lionel extracts the book’s subject and places it on the stage. Subject then becomes object, so that the viewer is the protagonist. The story told in the book becomes a tangible thing, the essence of the content is that of the container, the public is both reading the story and living it. The concept of gravity disappears, one starts to imagine all possibilities. Our rigid adult safeguards are released to fly with Peter Pan wings.

Books open up for us heavenly worlds with their stories. This installation takes the viewer into a story whose central character is a child’s toy train. This poetic train travels through a city of books some with mirrored facades and captures the poems that appear on the pages of this city transforming them into sounds. Viewers find themselves transported back to childhood to that state of wonder and those first strong emotions of discovery. We are, once again, enchanted children playing with toys, books, imagination and dreams.


frolm 06.15 to 09.22.2019, every days



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